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A caddy is showing a player where the ball is in relation to his putter on a green while a second player looks on.
Blind Golf Australia was formed to promote the game of golf amongst blind and vision impaired people and to co-ordinate blind golf between the states of Australia.
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Supporters play a vital role in nurturing the growth and success of blind golf, and their contributions can make a profound impact.

There are several meaningful ways that individuals and organizations can support blind golf.

One of the most direct forms of support is by becoming a volunteer.

Your time, expertise, and enthusiasm can be invaluable in organizing events, providing coaching, or assisting blind golfers during their rounds.

Additionally, financial contributions are essential to cover expenses related to training, equipment, and competitions.

Donations and sponsorships help blind golf organizations thrive and ensure that more visually impaired individuals can access the sport.

Spreading awareness about blind golf and its unique challenges is another way to show support, as it can encourage more people to get involved.

No matter how you choose to support blind golf, your involvement is an investment in the empowerment, inclusion, and fulfillment of visually impaired golfers.

Your support is not just about giving; it’s about creating opportunities for those with a passion for the game to shine on the fairways.

A female golfer is lining up her shot on a putting green next to the hole.
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