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Motorised Cart Policy

Blind Golf Australia – Core Document 5


Updated at BGA Board Meeting June 7 2017


1.1 The International Blind Golf Association (IBGA) had devised a similar policy allowing participants with a valid medical condition and who had provided a medical certificate and/or are over the age of 70 years to use a motorised cart on the golf course during IBGA sanctioned tournaments/events.

1.2 IBGA policy also allows for all participants competing at an IBGA sanctioned international tournament/event the use of a motorised cart provided that there are sufficient motorised carts available for the entire field.

1.3 The former BGA policy only allowed for a golfer or caddy with a valid medical condition and a medical certificate and/or was over the age of 70 years the use of a motorised cart during a BGA sanctioned tournament/event.

1.4 Until the introduction of this Policy, there have been many different issues raised in determining the eligibility of golfers/caddies for the use of a motorised cart.


1.1 The Blind Golf Australia (BGA) Motorised Carts Policy will come into operation for all golfers and caddies effective from 1 March, 2009. The BGA Motorised Carts Policy is to be used for all BGA Sanctioned tournaments/events.


1.1 BGA and each BGA Member Organisation shall ensure that all golfers and caddies participating in any tournament/event are aware of the availability or non-availability of motorised carts during all BGA Sanctioned tournaments/events under their control.

1.2 Eligibility for the use of a motorised cart:
a, All golfers and caddies may use a motorised cart provided sufficient motorised carts are available.
b, If insufficient motorised carts are available to meet demand, the allocation of motorised carts shall be as follows:

  1. First preference is to golfers and/or caddies with a valid medical certificate allowing the use of a motorised carts,
  2. Second preference is to golfers and/or caddies over the age of seventy (70) years,
  3. Third Preference is for B1 golfers
  4. Fourth preference is that the allocation of remaining motorised carts will be carried out by the way of a ballot supervised by the tournament/event organisers.

1.3 Where a caddy only requires the use of a motorised cart, due to a medical condition and has provided a valid medical certificate or is over the age of seventy (70) years, the golfer being guided by the caddy in question shall be entitled to ride in the same motorised cart.

1.4 At BGA sanctioned tournaments/events, golfers and/or caddies will be responsible for covering the cost of their own motorised cart hire unless otherwise advised by the tournament organisers.

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