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Blacked-Out Glasses Policy

Blind Golf Australia – Core Document 1


(Last updated following the BGA Directors Meeting on 15 January, 2009, and ratified by BGA Board June 7 2017)


1.1 The International Blind Golf Association (IBGA) had devised a similar policy to ensure that all B1 golfers participate on a fair and equitable basis at IBGA Sanctioned competitions.

1.2 Until the introduction of this Policy, there had been many different issues raised in determining the eligibility of a B1 golfers, this includes allegations of unfairness and cheating.

1.3 With the introduction of Blacked-Out Glasses, this Policy will ensure an equal playing field and the opportunity of winning for all B1 golfers.


1.1 The Blind Golf Australia (BGA) Blacked-Out Glasses Policy will come into operation for all B1 golfers effective from 1 August, 2006. The BGA Blacked-Out Glasses Policy is to be used for all BGA Sanctioned tournaments.

1.2 That all B1 golfers wear BGA approved Blacked-Out Glasses whilst participating in any BGA Sanctioned tournament.


1.1 Each BGA Member Organisation shall ensure that all B1 golfers wear approved Blacked-Out Glasses during all BGA Sanctioned tournaments under their control. This will include random checking of Black-Out Glasses before and during play in any tournament.

1.2 That the BGA devise and approve a minimum standard for Blacked-Out Glasses.

1.3 Any B1 golfer failing to/or refusing to wear BGA approved Blacked-Out Glasses during any BGA Sanctioned tournament will result in immediate disqualification from the B1 category (the golfer in question may then be permitted to participate in the B2 category and their handicap adjusted in accordance with the B2 category limitations.)

1.4 Any B1 golfer that continues to ignore and/or continues to re-offend under the BGA Blacked-Out Glasses Policy may be refused entry to any future BGA or IBGA Sanctioned tournaments.

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