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Order of Merit
2024 - March

A caddy assisting a player in a bunker.

We are excited to introduce you to the Order of Merit – a prestigious recognition in the world of golf that celebrates excellence, dedication, and performance on the golf course.

The Order of Merit is an annual or ongoing program that ranks and rewards golfers based on their achievements and results in various tournaments and competitions.

This honour is not only a testament to a golfer’s skill and commitment but also a symbol of their contribution to the sport.

Golfers who earn a place on the Order of Merit demonstrate not only outstanding golfing prowess but also a true passion for the game.

In this introduction, we will provide you with an overview of the Order of Merit, its history, selection criteria, and the esteemed golfers who have earned a place on this prestigious list.

Join us in celebrating the dedication and talent of these remarkable individuals as we delve into the world of the Order of Merit.

Stay tuned for an exciting journey through the ranks of golf’s finest players.

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NameStateSight CategoryPoints
Andrew Patterson VICB3116.5
Glenn NiciejewskiWAB199.5
Jamie HainQLDB393
Doug SloanVICB172
Darren SollyQLDB262
Paul McKenzieNSWB359
Tony TelferNSWB359
Michele WattsNSWB357
David MartinWAB254.5
Cameron ReidSAB350
Graham CoultonNSWB240
David LeeWAB340
Peter RobinsonVICB239.5
David BlythVICB138
Gary SargentNSWB237.5
Mark EschbankNSWB337
Jeff EllisVICB336
Stephen MitchellNSWB235.5
Mark EinthalSAB228
Andrew WellsQLDB327.5
James AtkinVICB226
Dean ReidSAB327
John HaywardNSWB324.5
Paul McKennaQLDB220.5
Robert CurtinSAB320
Sean WittingQLDB220
Peter HeinrichWAB318
Trevor McCarthyQLDB314
Ken PollockQLDB212
Joshua WoodQLDB212
Pat DwyerTASB312
Ron AndersonWAB211
David WheatleyVICB38
Maureen CrawfordWAB37
Adam RidgwellWAB26
David DrakeNSWB36
John CapesVICB15
Ross FrameVICB34
Rick KrolikVICB34
Deanna MinciulloWAB22
Archie StevensonVICB12
Peter DruryWAB22
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