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Before The Round


DO be familiar with the Rules of Golf, Modifications, Local Rules of the course and Competition Rules.

DO NOT forget to have a copy of the Rules in your golf bag.

DO get to the tee at least 5 minutes before your start time and exchange scorecards with your playing partner(s).

DO NOT arrive late to start

DO have a unique identifying mark on any golf ball you use in the round and show the golf ball with identification mark to your playing partner(s) and marker.

DO NOT rely on the make and number of the ball alone.

DO make sure your distance measuring device (DMD) only gives point to point distance information.

DO NOT use any optical device (binoculars, monocular or DMD) or any electronic device which can measure wind direction, temperature or elevation.

DO allow only Coaches/Guides to drive a buggy.

DO NOT drive a buggy if you are a player.

DO ensure the Rules of Golf are strictly followed.

DO NOT agree to waive a rule.

DO use only recognised golf equipment to help alignment and remove the equipment prior to the stroke.

DO NOT use a rod or white stick for alignment.

During The Round


DO remember to be courteous to your playing partners at all times.

DO NOT speak or make any noise while other players are on the tee or are about to play.  It is appreciated that NO or LOW vision means that players may not see what is going on around them but the Coaches/Guides are responsible for their players actions.

DO ensure the player alone swings the club.

DO NOT allow the Coach/Guide to help by touching the club during the stroke.

DO play a provisional ball if you think your first ball has gone out of bounds or may be lost outside a water hazard.

DO NOT forget to inform your playing partner(s) that it is a provisional ball you are going to play, and to announce the make, number and identifying mark on the ball.

DO keep up with the game in front and not just stay ahead of the game behind.

DO NOT hesitate to let the game behind through if you have lost a ball or lost a hole on the match in front and those behind are waiting to play.

DO take a practice swing far enough away from where the ball lies so that it does not disturb the ball or improve the line of swing.

DO NOT forget to replace a ball if it moves as the result of a practice swing.

DO have the player drop the ball (with guidance if needed) with an outstretched arm at shoulder height.

DO NOT have the Coach/Guide drop the ball.

DO ground the club in a hazard prior to the stroke if you wish.

DO NOT touch the surface of a hazard with a practice stroke.

DO play the ball as it lies.

DO NOT take a preferred lie or free drop unless it is permitted by the rules, local rules or competition rules.

DO ensure your Coach/Guide is not indicating the line of putt while the stroke is played.

DO NOT touch or tap the hole or allow your Coach/Guide to do so even though rattling the flagstick is permitted.

DO count all shots and penalties on every hole.

DO NOT forget to count air shots (missed balls).

DO agree and record the scores for each hole at the next tee.

DO NOT discuss the score on the green and hold up the match behind.

DO call for the referee if there is doubt or dispute.

DO NOT guess at the correct application of a rule.

After The Round


DO check that the correct gross score for each hole is properly recorded on the scorecard.

DO NOT forget to sign the scorecard and ensure it has your correct handicap on it.

DO complete and sign your card promptly after completion of the round.

DO NOT forget to hand in the scorecard signed by you and your Marker as soon as possible.