A golf course fairway

A golf course fairway

About the course:

Every golf scorecard lists the distance of each hole, the index (sometimes both a stroke/stableford/par and a matchplay index are listed) and the par of each hole. Some golf clubs have separate distances, indexes and pars for ladies.

Distance in metres - is usually the distance from the back of the tee to the centre of the green.

Index - Ignore the matchplay index (if there is one on the card) - this is only to be used in matchplay events. The stroke (or stableford or par) index is numbered 1 through to 18 on most scorecards with 1 being the hardest hole and 18 being the easiest.

Par. The score a player playing off a handicap of 0 -a "scratch" player-is expected to score on each hole.

How to Score A Stableford Event:

Know your handicap before your round commences. If unsure check your handicap on the website.

Before play begins, mark on the scorecard the holes where you will take your handicap. For example, a player on a handicap of 27 will get two strokes added to the par on the holes indexed 1 to 9 and one stroke added to the par on holes indexed at 10 to 18. A player with a 36 handicap will get 2 strokes added to the par on every hole. A player with a 45 handicap will get three strokes added to the par on holes indexed 1 to 9 and two strokes added to the par on holes indexed 10 to 18. Your par is the par on the scorecard plus your handicap on each hole.

If you achieve your par on a hole (the par shown on the card plus your handicap as above) you score 2 points If you score one stroke over your par you score 1 point. If you score I stroke under your par you score 3 points. If you score 2 strokes under your par you score 4 points etc. If you are two strokes over your par, you do not score any points and once you reach this stage you should pick up your ball and wait for the other players in your group to finish the hole. Mark your cards after all players have hit off on the next tee. You should agree your score with your marker after each hole. The cards should be checked and agreed after 18 holes (if time permits it is often a good idea to check the cards after 9 holes). Once agreed, both the player and marker must sign their cards.

Signed and completed cards should be given to the handicapper Geoff Walsh (or Peter North if Geoff Walsh is not there) on completion of your round. If neither Peter or Geoff are present, completed cards should be given to a member of the VBGA Committee. An example of stableford scoring is below.

VBGA - Example of Stableford Scoring:

Course Tocumwal Captains - First 9 Only for example Player Handicap 46. Marker Handicap 36 Stroke

How do I Score in Stableford?
1 330 9 4 7 2 8 0
2 136 18 3 7 0 6 1
3 482 11 5 6 3 6 3
4 364 13 4 8 0 7 1
5 375 7 4 7 2 7 1
6 495 15 5 6 3 6 3
7 400 2 4 8 1 6 2
8 180 10 3 6 2 5 2
9 375 4 4 5 4 4 4
TOTALS 36 60 17 55 17